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All of this combined to deliver the Asian Le Mans Series partners, teams and drivers with record return on their investment. On average the QI value offered to Series partners more than doubled and in some cases, it tripled from what was already a strong performance in 2018/ 2019.。




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The Asian Le Mans Series continues to deliver a more engaging social media presence. The Series saw significant growth in reach on its social media platforms throughout the season. The results included the Series hashtag (#AsianLeMans) achieving 44.2 million impressions and reaching 6.2 million users on twitter alone.。




Media and influencer engagement in China:。

“The success of the 2019 / 2020 Asian Le Mans Series is a credit to everyone involved. From the operational, technical and support teams, Series partners, TV production crew, and of course the teams and drivers that race with us – this is a shared success!。

In China, there was a live streaming audience of 3.95 million watching the races and a TV audience of 300,000. For the 2019 / 2020 season, in addition to the live and highlights coverage of the Series in China, there was also segments on Maxspeed (a motorsport focused Chinese TV Series), and a stand-alone programme called Asian Le Mans Talk.。


The Shanghai round was attended by 88 accredited Chinese media from both lifestyle and motorsport publications. This activity generated approximately 100 articles, attracting around 10 million views. The Asian Le Mans Series has also engaged a number of other influencers including a new athletic footwear brand (KIKS) to reach a broader audience.。

“The Asian Le Mans Series continues to go from strength to strength. I was fortunate to see this first-hand this season in Australia and in Thailand. The Asian Le Mans Series continues to form an important step in the ACOs endurance racing ladder. The growing interest from local audiences, as well as the new Asian teams and drivers the Series is attracting is truly exciting.”。

亚洲勒芒系列赛在我国区域在线直播有395万人次观看,CCTV5报导的受众超越30万。谢谢你Gary——咱们思念你。媒体记者们发布了有近100篇文章,招引了超越1000万人次的阅览量。 Gary Khor为赛事的工作贡献良多,笑脸一向挂在他的脸上。比照现已获得不错成果的2018/2019赛季,当赛季的均匀报答率到达了双倍,某些类目为三倍。”。

Growth in Asian teams and drivers:。”。车队和车手获得了史无前例的出资报答。

西里尔·塔什·瓦伦 亚洲勒芒系列赛董事总经理。还有219万人次观看了在全球167个国家和区域,77个电视频道,总长度达700小时的各个赛事集锦。


Just after the final round of the 2019 /2020 season we lost a highly valued member of our team. Gary Khor contributed greatly to the success of the Series, ensuring the events ran smoothly whilst always keeping a smile on his face. Thank you Gary - we miss you greatly.。

NOTES TO MEDIA:。亚洲勒芒系列赛还经过一批定见首领,包含新式时髦运动品牌(KIKS)去触及更多受众。



Social Media Engagement:。


The Series also attracted the first ever Japanese LMP2 team, K2 Uchino Racing who scored a podium finish in their debut prototype season. The team was one of four Japanese teams racing in the Series.。

The Series achieved a live stream audience of 5 million viewers around the world. In addition 2.19 million people watched the 700 hours of Series highlights broadcast to 167 countries, on 77 channels.。

Studied periods for analysis:。

Pierre Fillon, President of the Automobile Club de l’Ouest:。

Extensive coverage in China:。



Making the live stream available for free and in full around the world continues to be a priority for the Asian Le Mans Series and makes it one of the most accessible race series globally. The Series’ TV package alone is broadcast to 85% of the world’s countries.。

During the 2019/ 2020 season, 97 drivers from 31 different nationalities competed in at least one race, with 44 of those coming from the Australasian region. This included 11 drivers from Japan.。新浪微博发布的内容也有挨近100万人次的抵达。

The Asian Le Mans Series goes from strength to strength with significant audience growth, big returns for partners, and attracts more Asian teams and drivers.。


The 2019/ 2020 season delivered record exposure for the Asian Le Mans Series and its partners. The growth in the audience was significant for both the live streams and highlights programmes with over 7 million viewers recorded during the season. This cumulative audience grew by 25% from the 2018/ 2019 season and equates to, on average, 1.8 million viewers for each of the four rounds of the 2019/2020 season.。无论是在赛道上,在节目中,仍是合作同伴关怀的目标和数字,咱们将坚持为咱们贡献世界级的赛事。

Exposure for partners:。


有20支车队参加了最少一场竞赛,其间一半是亚洲国家的车队。在2019/2020赛季,除了直播和集锦以及新闻的播出,还包含一档专心于轿车运动的视频节目《MaxSpeed周才鸿赛车编辑室》及其专为亚洲勒芒制造的栏目《亚洲勒芒说 Asian Le Mans Talk》。该车队也是亚洲勒芒四支日本车队的其间一支。


Chinese Social Media Activation:。

Cyrille Taesch Wahlen, Managing Director of the Asian Le Mans Series:。

Launched just before the start of the season, the Series new Chinese TikTok campaign generated over a million views during the season and Weibo activations also attracted almost a million views.。






Media coverage:。



Evaluation undertaken by Nielsen Sports.。


The Asian Le Mans Series is committed to becoming the reference endurance racing series in Asia and is the perfect springboard for Asian teams and drivers to rise up the ACO racing ladder to the 24 Hours of Le Mans.。这是归于每个人的成功”。本地观众的继续重视,亚洲车队和车手的积极参加都十分令人兴奋。

“I am proud of what we have achieved so far, and I am confident that together we will be able to overcome the new challenges we are facing as we head to our new Season. We will continue to deliver a world class product both on track, and through our broadcast programme, and will seek to continually offer exceptional results for all of our partners.”。

TV and internet broadcast coverage, and media monitoring: 16 November 2019 – 31 March 2020.。

亚洲勒芒还初次招引到了日本的LMP2车队——K2 Uchino Racing,他们在两项的首个赛季就登上了前三名的领奖台。

The Series attracted interest from media from around the world with an average of 102 accredited media attending each round. This helped to generate thousands of articles, achieving 7,535 million digital impressions.。这些媒体宣布的上千篇报导,完成了全球超越75亿次的在线曝光流量。


20 teams entered at least one race this season, with half of them coming from Asian countries.。 顶: 29876踩: 413